Monday, November 16, 2020

International Day for Tolerance

In 1996 the UN General Assembly proclaimed November 16th as International Day of Tolerance. This is the day for recognizing the true beauty, power and magic within each other and in ourselves.

Many people try to be nonjudgmental, or nonviolent. We may have recognized how our judgments separate us, and it’s painful. In trying to be tolerant or nonjudgmental, though, we’re cutting off the part of ourselves that is judgmental and intolerant. We can’t make it go away. It’s a defensive reaction that has to do with something we’re afraid of, something that we don’t understand yet, or the times when we haven’t expressed ourselves in some way.

Trying to be tolerant, nonjudgmental or non-violent, is just a way of repressing a part of yourself. You are actually being judgmental of your judgmental self and violent to your non-violent self!

Instead, recognize and accept the judgmental part of yourself, then look underneath it to see what’s causing it to come forth.

“I accept my judgmental self as a part of me”

Mindfulness practice:
Get comfortable. Close your eyes, relax and take a few full breaths.
Picture or imagine your child or your own inner child in front of you.
Look into their eyes and sense the powerful being within them.
Take enough time to receive feelings, ideas or impressions about who your child really is. Communicate to them your respect and appreciation.
Imagine that your child is communicating respect and appreciation to you.