Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Seasonal Abundance From Chaya's Kitchen

                          Gratitude comes in many shapes and forms. 

Honor the seasonal gifts of nature’s bounty by eating locally sourced, seasonal food. 
We are given exactly what is needed at just the right time. 

For example, in the spring we are given foods like radishes, citrus fruits, mustard greens, chard, bock choy, basil and chili peppers that reduce the cool, damp and fat that can accumulate at this time of year. 

As summer approaches, switch to foods that don’t create as much heat like pears, avocados, cherries, okra, radicchio, watercress, watermelon and papaya and in the fall we receive apples, fennel, lavender, squash, and sweet potatoes which are cooling, removing the excess heat that may have accumulated over the summer. 

Of course we may need to make adjustments for those whose constitutions may be imbalanced and need special considerations.

Want to learn more? Register for our Ayurvedic Cooking and Food Fundamentals class and stay tuned for our upcoming online course, Food Misconceptions and eating for your constitution the end of June.

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