Monday, December 23, 2019

The CBD ( Cannabidiol) Craze Is Here

From billboards to bodegas, everywhere you look and every store you enter is peddling CBD - the penetrating cannabis oil that promises healing and pain alleviation to a litany of bodily ailments.

Notwithstanding the newness of the fad, truth is that the power of CBD has been known for over 5,000 years. We have long known of the power of pure oil - it is after all what gave rise to the original CBD-

2,000 years ago: Chanukkah Banishes Darkness! And 5,000 years ago: Consciousness & Bodywork Banishes Disease!!
In its spiritual formulation (from which the physical evolved) oil is the essential power of faith - a power so potent, that has the capacity to penetrate every fiber of our being, bringing healing to a litany of spiritual ailments, like self-doubt, anxiety, stress, cynicism, nihilism, depression, narcissism, etc. and being massaged with oil invokes feelings of love.
On the physical level, oil is used for healing the body, where it has the power to balance the nervous system, aid in circulation, lymphatic drainage, brain health, detoxification, rejuvenation and healing the skin. Ayurvedic bodywork is designed to balance the body and mind, rejuvenating the senses and nervous system, core components to gain and maintain clarity and health.
The seven-branched Menorah in the Temple, represents the seven human emotions – (the mind) the part of us that when left unchecked, makes us most vulnerable to the ailments and disease. Lighting the oil - igniting the essential faith within, or heating the oil and using it as body treatments brought emotional and physical healing and ease of being.
With its light emanating from the Temple and out to the world, The Menorah also brought cosmic healing - keeping the world aligned with its Creator-
We can think of our body as the temple, and when we are aligned we shine, and can also see it as a metaphor for being enlightened to our own nature in order to live our dharma or higher purpose, which is a component of optimal health.
The Greeks sought to undermine the alignment between man and faith and the world and G-d. By breaking the seals of the Temple oil supply, rendering them spiritually impure, they sought to repackage the oil as no longer spiritual, but cultural. This we can see in today’s market of pseudo products that are not pure, they do not hold the same frequency and healing potential when they are made cheaply with greed rather than love and passion for their purpose. The same is true for their application and use.
The Maccabees relentlessly searched for oil that had not been sanitized by the Greeks. And when they found it and lit it and it burned for eight days, they declared (the following year), that the world must know the power of pure oil/faith and that Chanukkah Banishes Darkness as well as the teachings of Ayurveda that come from the ancient seers who also knew the potency and abilities of pure oils and Consciousness & Bodywork Banishes Disease, a strong component of our human experience to help us raise to our highest potential.
For thousands of years that pure oil has continued to shed its light, offering hope and healing to broken souls and peace and meaning to a broken world. No force of darkness has been able to vanquish its light, no resistance has been able to obstruct its penetrating power.
May the power of Chanukkah and the season of light, including Christmas, Kwanza, Solstice and all those who look beyond themselves to Banish Darkness this year, banish the last vestiges of the remaining darkness in the world and usher in the era of global healing, peace and redemption and may we embrace it’s healing wonders in all areas of our lives.
This article is inspired by Rabbi Ruvi New’s recent article on CBD: The Real Story and adapted by Chaya to include the synergistic uses and metaphors in Ayurveda and her practice. If we look into ancient history, we can see the relevance and importance of pure oil for lighting the flame of attention and the fire of good health and at ChayaVeda we use only the finest oils, products, treatment protocols and health education methods to help our clients find freedom, feel better and live their purpose.
       Happy Holidays from all of us at ChayaVeda Integrative Healing Arts
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