Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Innocence Project

ChayaVeda is founded upon six core values; community, empowerment, healing, respect, passion, and honesty. Now more than ever, it is important to honor our values and stand together as one as we fight for the ones whose lives were lost due to racism and years of injustice in our society.

The other night, I was watching America's Got Talent with my family. A man with the name Archie Williams performed the song "Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me" by Elton John. The lyrics took on a whole new meaning as he told his heart-wrenching story. Archie spent 37 years of his life in jail due to a false accusation of rape. Archie was a poor African American kid and did not have the means to fight for justice. His fingerprints were not found at the crime scene, and three people testified that he was home, but that was not enough. He spent 37 years of his life in jail. More than half of his life was taken from him. About ten years into Archie's imprisonment, the Innocence Project took on Archie's case, and 37 years later, DNA freed him.

This story does not end with Archie. According to the Innocence Project, it is believed that 20,000 people in our nation are falsely convicted. That is 20,000 innocent people who are not able to experience the full beauty of life. To this date, the Innocence Project freed 367 lives. 61% of the wrongly accused people were African American.*

This is a problem.

We, as a nation, need to do better. We can do better.

How can you take action?

Donate to the Innocent Project:

Educate yourself on Wrongful Conviction (Movies and TV Series):

Donate to the George Floyd Memorial:

Support the National Police Accountability Project:

Donate to the Bail Fund Program:

*The demographics of the 367 people are the following:
225 (61%) African American
110 (30%) Caucasian
28 (8%) Latino
2 (1%) Asian American
1 (<1%) Native American
1 (<1%) Other

Guest Contributor: ChayaVeda Intern, Alyssa Alalouf,
UF Anatomy, Physiology and Applied Kinesiology Major

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