Saturday, January 30, 2021

Keeping Up with Your New Year’s Resolutions; Ayurvedic Tips For A Life of Balance


We are officially one month into the new year, 2021. Have you asked yourself recently if you are proud of the progress you’ve made thus far? With the new year, comes new goals, resolutions, aspirations, and a new lifestyle for some. 

Setting goals, whether big or small, is only the easy part of the new year; the hard part comes later when the motivation starts to get lost in the stressors and chaos the new year brings. Chaya Integrative Healing Arts is here to give you some helpful Ayurvedic tips to keep the motivation alive and keep you on track to conquer whatever you have set your mind to. The first step in any healthy lifestyle is facing your obstacles with realistic strategies and structure. 

                       Below is the Ayurvedic Beneficial Daily Routine that will help you stay on track:

Rise with the sun

Clean your face, mouth, nasal passages with neti pot and nasya oil, and gargle with warm water with some sesame oil

Drink one cup of warm water with a few drops of fresh lemon

Yoga practice appropriate for your dosha and condition, coordinating breath and movement, incorporating pranayama (breathing), mantra and meditation or contemplation

Eat 3 meals per day according to your dosha and condition

Eat breakfast by 8:00am

Make lunch your largest meal around noon

Take some time after lunch for digestion

Go outside and appreciate nature

Eat a light dinner around 6:00pm, and not later than 7:00pm Relax and wind down after dinner

Offer gratitude

Go to sleep by 10:00pm

This is a great daily routine to follow to keep you focused on your whole person. By applying an Ayurvedic approach into one’s holistic life, there is a strengthened understanding of one’s makeup, and the affects that the outer world, environment, diet, and lifestyle choices make on our constitution and our daily lives. Taking this Ayurvedic approach will keep you balanced and give you a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you. 

Along with the daily routine, here are 5 more secrets that the ChayaVeda team has put together for you to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions and have a successful and purposeful 2021:

1.      Start Small, Plan Well: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with big plans or resolutions. To avoid being overwhelmed with big, unreasonable or unattainable goals, start with small, an attainable plan. Include specific micro goals, within a given time frame, location, activity, etc. Make a list of your steps, consider obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them. Maybe try something familiar and get back on track with a lost hobby. For all our yoga teachers and practitioners and Massage Therapists out there, consider brushing up on your knowledge and skills with a Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion, YogaTeacher Training or our Ayurvedic Massage & Bodywork Course at ChayaVeda!

2.      Document Your Progress: Sometimes when we are working towards a goal, we don’t see the progress we’ve already made because we are comparing ourselves to the end product or image of what the end product will look like, rather than where we started. Keeping a journal or notepad to write down your milestones or thoughts you have along your journey. Writing down your goals and getting to cross them out will help you stay focused and motivated. It is important we observe our own progress and start from where we are now.

3.      Don’t Beat Yourself Up: Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart and lose precious energy and focus for your goals and dreams.  We are often our own worst critic. If you are having a bad day or wanting to give up on your goals, take a step back and reflect on the positives you have accomplished and contemplate on gratitude for what you have in your life. It is important to remain patient and forgiving with yourself throughout this process and the journey of life.

4.      Build A Support System: It is important to create an inspiring and supportive environment to keep you on track with your goals. This environment may include friends and family members who will hold you accountable and positive and inspiring resources to encourage you along the way.

5.      Treat Yourself: Don’t forget to reward yourself for milestones, no matter big or small.

Always focus on your well-being. Find Freedom – Live purpose and have fun!

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