Thursday, February 24, 2022

Did You Know......About Heart Healthy Foods and National Chili Day Recipe


Did you know... about Heart Healthy foods? 

As today is the last Thursday of February, we have decided to combine two different themes for our Thoughtful Thursday; International Heart Month and National Chili Day! 

Although International Heart Month is coming to an end, remember that taking care of your heart shouldn't just happen 28 days out of the year! One easy way to maintain your heart's health is to monitor what you're eating and eat according to your constitution, age and condition. However, eating a healthy diet is not synonymous with dieting, instead, it is focusing on foods that you should eat more of and foods to avoid, so it's not about limiting but improving the quality of your digestion by the food choices you make. By focusing on this ideal, the benefits are endless! These benefits can be the lowering of cholesterol levels, lowering of blood pressure, maintaining healthy body weight, improving energy and mood and much more! These are all crucial elements that help keep the heart strong and pumping! If an individual's diet is not regulated, it can lead to imbalances and eventually to serious illness, including heart failure, or in some cases fatality. Although it sounds daunting, it is much easier than one would think to improve our diet and our wellness index and since it's National Chili Day, we've included this Ayurvedic style chili dish recipe. This dish wonderfully blends multiple vegetables, along with protein sources to create both a tasty and healthy dish! The link for the dish will be typed below. 

Contact us for more details on how to live a healthier, lifestyle and Happy National Chili Day to all!

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